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Apex Sign Group manufactures and services signage across the nation with a careful eye on respecting the environment. With offices and manufacturing facilities in San Antonio, Philadelphia and Juarez, Mexico, our team is able to provide efficient turn-key and cost-effective services nationwide.

Project Management

You will never be unsure of who to call on, or wonder the status of your project. Each Client is assigned a dedicated project manager, who is backed by a team. It is this team approach that allows us to ensure transparency in our processes and drive accountability at every level.


Our in-house designers are devoted to upholding your brand identity as if it were our own. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and machines, our designers are passionate about their ability to bring life into the visual symbol of your brand.


Production, where the design comes to life. Each of our production facilities are equipped with the technology, machinery and production experts to manufacture a variety of product including: Channel Letters, Box Signs, Pylon/Monument Signs, Directional Signs, Interior Signs, and Digital Prints & Vinyl.

Custom Signage

Custom Signage is what our reputation was built on! While the Apex team focuses mainly on national and multi-location projects, our parent company is devoted to the creation and fabrication of Custom Signage. To learn more about our custom signage services, visit


We use only the best installation professionals. Each professional is interviewed and put through a thorough qualification process to make sure they meet the level of expectations our Clients deserve. This allows us to guarantee that our Client’s projects will always be handled in a professional manner, on time, and competitively priced.


The impact of your storefront sign is huge and having your sign 100% operational is monumental to your bottom line. As guardians of your brand, our maintenance team and call center are ready to respond to: Sign Outages, LED Retrofits, Face Replacements, Sign Removals, Closings and Relocations.




Our parent company, Southwest Signs, was founded by Harvey Billingsley in 1946, with a Plymouth station wagon and two ladders. Billingsley had worked with other sign companies for a few years and after WWII, he felt the desire to step out on his own and start his own sign service company. Through the years, the company grew and he purchased his first crane truck which allowed him to branch out and perform more than just service to neon signs but also install the signs.


In 1954, after eight years of working out of his home, Harvey opened his first full manufacturing and installation building on Holmgreen Rd., on the Southeast side of San Antonio. He then invested in new installation equipment to give him the ability to produce his own Plexiglass formed sign faces, which was one of the newest types of sign face technology at that time. This began Southwest Signs’ history of being one of the industry’s leaders in purchasing cutting edge manufacturing technology.


The company took another huge step into its continued growth by moving to a new facility twice the size of the Holmgreen facility. The company still resides in this location today.


In 1970, Harvey turned the reigns over to his son, Jesse Billingsley. JB took over the day-to-day running of the company, along with his sister Carol and brother-in-law, Woodrow Burkett. He had a vision of growing this local sign company into a company that could support its customers in all parts of Texas. From the early 70’s, the company grew to become of the largest custom sign manufactures in Texas. During this time, JB made major strides in investing in new technology. Southwest Signs was among the first sign companies to purchase the first generation of automated computer router equipment, along with plasma computer assisted cutting tables. The new equipment completed in minutes what would take a day for a man to do in cutting.


During the 90’s, the company grew at an average of over 12% per year to its highest sales volume of 13 million, with branches in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. The Southwest Signs home office was expanded to a manufacturing facility of 55,000 square feet. The company was privileged enough to be working with some of the fastest growing companies at the time – HEB, Hollywood Video, Diamond Shamrock, IHop Restaurants, Saltgrass Steak House, Advance Auto Parts, and MacFrugals.


The company experienced a major loss in 1997 with the death of Dewayne Billingsley. During the next five years, the company was run by Greg Burkett, a third-generation family owner. The company was able to maintain and grow its market share in a very volatile late 90’s market, with the internet bubble bust. The company was then purchased in a merger deal with Bell Signs in which Greg Burkett maintained ownership and Chad Jones was brought in as a partner with the new company. Chad had served Southwest Neon as a sales representative, and then as Sales Manager until the time of the merger.

2003 - today

Greg Burkett and Chad Jones were able to purchase the company back in 2003, and buy out all interest from Bell Signs. Since 2003, under the same leadership, Southwest Signs has grown each year an average of 30% per year. The key to this success is our continued commitment to the foundation that was laid by our past leadership; a commitment to the customer, to technology, and to our employees. Along with this growth, the company has just completed Phase 4 of their facility growth plan by adding over 5,000 square feet of office and 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Currently, the San Antonio home-base is over 100,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space.