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    Apex Sign Group Summer Projects Include New Buc-ee’s Location

    Happy 4th of July to everyone from all of us at Apex Sign Group! Summer is kicking into high gear, and summer fun doesn’t mean all play and work at Apex Sign Group. We’re hard at work on a massive project for one of our most loyal clients, Buc-ee’s convenience stores.

    They say everything is bigger in Texas, but Buc-ees is expanding for the first time beyond the state with a new location opening in Alabama that’s going to match the sprawling size the lone star state’s stores are known for. Apex Sign Group is undertaking all of the exterior signage for this new location, including the logos on the store’s canopies and buildings, soda fountain signs, and electrical signs. The store’s canopies will be eight feet in diameter!

    Projects for Buc-ee’s are unique, largely due to the sheer size of the store and the corresponding branding designed to align with the mega store’s aesthetic. The signature big beaver logo of this new store will be near 25 feet in diameter and will sit above an ancillary sign that showcases the township of the location. The new Buc-ee’s location will be just off interstate 10 on the Baldwin Beach Express, which runs into the gulf shores of Alabama. Because this store is close to the coast, the risk of running into water during the excavation process is much higher, so we’re using a spread foundation.

    A rare approach for Apex Sign Group, a spread foundation is the process of excavating a shorter hole with a bigger diameter in order to save money and cut down on the likelihood of hitting water. This specific portion of the project involves excavating a 25 x 25 foot hole that will be filled with approximately 146 yards of concrete, weighing in excess of half of a million pounds! This hole is almost twice as big as the average holes we excavate for signage, which are usually between 8-10 feet in diameter and 40 feet deep. Apex Sign Group always strives to customize each aspect of construction and design to fit the individual requirements of a project, and this undertaking is no exception.

    Buc-ee’s stores pride themselves on offering products that fill customer needs according to demographics, so beach gear such as towel and sunscreen will line the shelves of the Alabama location. We at Apex Sign Group are proud to have a longstanding relationship of over 20 years with Buc-ee’s convenience stores and are looking forward to having this summer project finished by early fall. Stay tuned for photos of the completed product and keep an eye out for progress if you’re in Alabama!

    Contact Apex Sign Group today to get started on that summer project.