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    Apex’s San Antonio Office Converts Roto-Sphere Sign to LED Lighting

    We’re excited to announce we have completed our transition to Apex Sign Group! Our San Antonio campus recently added its final touch, updating the exterior pylon and retro-fitting our iconic Roto-Sphere Sign with modern LED technology.

    Roto-Sphere signs are perhaps the biggest and most dramatic neon signs ever mass-produced. They were created and produced by Warren Milks from 1960-1971. Milks made approximately 234 signs, with around 18 left. Of these, only four are fully operational, including the one located at our San Antonio office. Roto-Spheres feature sixteen aluminum spikes outlined in neon. These multi-colored spikes are each eight feet long. They are mounted on a ball that spins in three directions. Not only does the sign rotate on its pole, but the ball itself is composed of two counter-rotating hemispheres.

    Apex Sign Group’s office is currently the only location where a Roto-Sphere has been converted to LED lighting.

    At Apex Sign Group, WE ARE SIGN PEOPLE. Visit us at our San Antonio office to see our sign in operation. Call our office in San Antiono at:(210) 648-3221 or visit us: 7208 South W. W. White Rd. San Antonio, TX 78222