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We’re excited to announce we have completed our transition to Apex Sign Group! Our San Antonio campus recently added its final touch, updating the exterior pylon and retro-fitting our iconic Roto-Sphere Sign with modern LED technology.

Roto-Sphere signs are perhaps the biggest and most dramatic neon signs ever mass-produced. They were created and produced by Warren Milks from 1960-1971. Milks made approximately 234 signs, with around 18 left. Of these, only four are fully operational, including the one located at …


Sean Willis has over 23 years of design experience in the sign industry along with an additional 5 years of Mechanical Design working for a defense contractor. In his estimated 3500 projects with 200 companies, Sean has developed a talent for designing custom signage that stands out from the competition. Recently, Sean shared insights on his approach and lessons learned while at Apex Sign Group.

The design industry has significantly changed over the course of my career. When I first …


Bill Reavey has over 17 years of project management experience in the sign industry. As a veteran who has worked at Alto Signs & The Icon Companies on different backgrounds of clients, he has built a solid reputation for having seen it all In our inaugural blog post, Bill reveals some tips of the trade—how he brings his wealth of experience to every project at Apex Sign Group in a system he calls Proactive Project Management.

Construction can never stop. …


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