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    Buc-ee’s Convenience Stores – Case Study

    The appeal of Buc-ee’s goes beyond just the convenience of a one-stop shop. The store’s focus on a clean environment, family-friendly atmosphere, and mega size makes Buc-ee’s a place where customers want to be while they stock up on everything they need.


    Buc-ee’s locations are known for the sheer size of their stores, and foundations this massive require additional specialized equipment and materials in order to install the structure of the signage. Hi-Rise pylon signs typically consist of a main ID logo that’s 25’ in diameter, along with secondary cabinets that promote the town and city of each location. The average foundation is around 8’ in diameter and can be up to 39’ deep.


    Apex Sign Group used what we call the slurry method, which was created to increase head pressure in larger holes to keep them from sluffing off or caving in due to their size and the increased likelihood of encountering water. The slurry method requires a large drilling auger to drill the hole down to a comfortable depth. Vacuum trucks are brought in to backfill the hole with a mix of water and drilling mud to thicken consistency and create pressure on the walls of the hole to prevent cave-ins. The concrete is then pumped into the hole while rising water is pumped back out. Apex also uses specialty equipment such as hydraulic cranes to properly install the oversized signage.


    The sprawling size of Buc-ee’s convenience stores is now complemented with equally eye-catching signage that reflects the appeal and appearance of each location. Apex Sign Group provides Buc-ee’s with innovative, safe installation and the depth and dimension of signs that welcome visitors to the store that has it all.


    From the initial engineering, coordinating with Buc-ee’s and the architect, to the final installed product, Apex goes above and beyond our expectations. Apex has always performed exceptionally and always completes the scope of work on or ahead time and within budget. Apex’s professionalism, proficiency and impeccable attention to detail is what sets your company apart from the others in your field.

    It has been a great pleasure working with Apex over the past 21 years and Buc-ee’s will, without hesitation, recommend Apex for any prospective clients.

    – Joe; Director of Construction; Buc-ee’s