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    Coding and Regulations: How Apex Sign Group Alleviates These Pain Points

    We are sign people.

    Apex Sign Group has an incredibly talented and enthusiastic group of designers and engineers. Our signs are the best in the world—the perfect convergence of form and function. But there’s one more element that, while not glamorous or outwardly impressive, is crucial to the signage process: a thorough understanding of codes and regulations.

    Our recent trade show experience showed us that codes and regulations are a major pain point for all players in the sign industry. Thankfully, Apex has a well-practiced process to ensure our signs always follow the (incredibly precise) letter of every law. Our process always includes:

    • Initial Code Check: Our teams work directly with cities and townships, searching every possible code and extended lists of requirements. These vary drastically. Some municipalities have minimal regulations, while others are complex and nuanced. Most do, however, have the same basics, like requirements that all signs be fairly uniform and roughly the same size. Some cities add visibility and technology parameters, or even that signs all face the same direction. Historical districts often add other materials regulations.
    • Sign Design Application: Once the codes have been found, they have to be interpreted before they can be applied to a design. Some are simple; others are complicated equations involving opinion and perspective. Our team deftly dissects the codes and compares municipal regulations with landlord requirements—which are often just as complex. Many of our clients actually present landlords with their sign specifications before signing a lease, so everything is approved and agreed upon upfront.
    • Final Check: After a design has been created and approved by our client, we contact the city or township for a preliminary review. This ensures we have interpreted the code correctly and avoids potential permit problems.

    It’s not a simple process, but it’s a process that never waivers. Our system of triple checks makes aligning with codes and regulations simple for our clients, and ultimately for us—the worst outcome is a beautiful, expensive sign that must be removed and redone. We make sure that never happens. With Apex Sign Group, signs are perfect the first time, every time. After all—we are sign people.

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