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    San Antonio Botanical Garden – Specialty Fabrication

    The San Antonio Botanical Garden is more than a place to take a relaxing stroll—it’s where nature-lovers, researchers, families, birders, and conservationists converge. The botanical garden expansion was a long-awaited project with many supporters, and today stands as a tranquil sanctuary of natural beauty in the heart of the Alamo City.


    The sprawling and segmented nature of the garden presented unique sign challenges. The gardens encourage interaction, and the signs had to follow suit. The hundreds of donors who made the gardens possible had to be recognized clearly and permanently, yet unobtrusively. In addition, every aspect of the process required the approval of architects, landscape architects, design firms, the garden board, and the general contractor.


    Apex Sign Group used innovative materials like Corten, a steel designed to rust to a certain point and stop, giving it an antique patina that will not corrode. We also crafted kinetic signs that freely spin around, allowing visitors to interact with them while maintaining their structural integrity. Finally, we skillfully but subtly sandblasted donor names throughout the property and crafted a donor wall of several hundred perfectly aligned names.


    The San Antonio Botanical Garden has become a haven for all types of nature lovers and tranquility seekers in the greater San Antonio area. The signage was delivered on time and on budget, and continues to welcome and direct visitors as well as acknowledge the generosity of donors. Best of all, we created signs that were enthusiastically agreed upon by everyone involved.


    “We are proud to have Apex Sign Group as the San Antonio Botanical Garden Phase One Improvement sign manufacturer and installer! Perfect customer service, quick turnaround, and great quality!”

    – Bob; Botanical Garden;