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    Trade Show Talk: Apex at SPECS Show and BuildPoint Annual

    Apex Sign Group has recently been making its rounds at some of the signage industry trade shows in the area, including SPECS in Dallas, Texas and BuildPoint Annual, also located in Texas. We used these opportunities to foster relationships within the industry and to discuss shared challenges along with our various strategies in solving them.

    At SPECS, the focus is heavily placed on relationship building, with traditional booths as a set-up for showcasing vendors. This event gathers the country’s top suppliers and retailers to create new relationships, network, and brainstorm to overcome current and future obstacles together. Apex was one of 15 different companies that center their business around construction, and it was beneficial to meet others who work alongside us in what we do and inform on what makes Apex Sign Group unique.

    Contrastly, Buildpoint places more of an emphasis on being a platform for one-on-one meetings that allow participants to request the time to meet and discuss collaboration in a more casual, intimate setting. The event also held an informal kayaking outing as an opportunity for attendees to meet and greet before individual meetings got underway.

    During both events, Apex Sign Group spent much of its time discussing the potential pain points the signage industry can be vulnerable to:

    Government Ordinances and Regulations

    When taking on a project, it’s imperative to follow all of the processes and guidelines for each city when it comes to permitting and construction. Avoid having to redo work and hit major roadblocks later by taking extra steps early on like contacting each city and surveying the land. There’s nothing like creating the biggest sign in a township and discovering three weeks before installation that you can’t use it because of an ordinance that wasn’t checked.

    Consistent Communication

    Few things are more pivotal to succeeding at a project that communication, whether it’s between a retailer and the city, a business and a client,  or workers on and off-site at a location. Processes like onboarding, creating timelines and checklists, and bandwidth discussion can help guarantee a smooth ride from beginning to end. Apex Sign Group heavily focuses on these processes to ensure consistent and transparent communication.

    On-Site Construction Issues

    No journey or project is ever complete without a few bumps along the road. What matters most is how those issues are faced. Apex Sign Group prides itself on offering client-focused solutions by helping address problems on-site instead of only bringing awareness to the problem days later. Balancing expertise and adaptability is a key to coming up with collaborative solutions to any problem.

    Apex Sign Group has a unique approach to resolving each of these paint points commonly found within the industry, as we learned from conversations at SPECS and BuildPoint. Stay tuned here for an upcoming series where we take a deeper dive into each of these and provide our expertise and insight.

    At Apex Sign Group, WE ARE SIGN PEOPLE. Visit us at our San Antonio office to see our sign in operation. Call our office in San Antonio at:(210) 648-3221 or visit us: 7208 South W. W. White Rd. San Antonio, TX 78222